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“Rich And Greedy Poor And Needy”
Gregory V. Boulware

And God said unto Moses…and the People:
“From the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates River…I am giving it to you! Go in and possess it, for it is the land the Lord promised to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and all of their Descendants.”

Moses appointed administrative assistants (priests, presidents, barristers, political representatives, and candidates to positions in charge of millions, thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens to decide their quarrels and assist them in every way. They were instructed to be perfectly fair at all times, even to foreigners.

They were also told to never favor a man because he is rich; be fair to great and small alike!

Ask your father and the aged man (and woman), they will tell you all about it – remember the days of long ago. God divided up the world among the nations, giving them all a supervising angel. In plenty, people forsake their God. They shrugged away the Rock of Salvation and began to worship foreign gods.

God said, “I will abandon them and see what becomes of them, the foolish gentile nations of the world. They act like men of Sodom and Gomorrah. Their deeds are bitter with poison; they drink the wine of serpent venom. I will whet the lightning of my sword and hurl punishment upon thee – I will take vengeance on my enemies (those defying the word and laws of God), purifying the land and the people."

Preserved in early literature, certain manuscripts were found in Russia and Servia (Serbia), preserved only in Slavonic, somewhere about the beginning of Christianity. Today’s politics and it's practitioners constantly bombard the masses with untruths and vile falsehoods. The following horde of these creatures, lend credence to the fact of Babylon, the Tower of Babel and Nimrod, displaying their arrogance and opposition to the Lord of Hosts.

“Who is the bigger fool, the fool who leads or the fool who follows?”

I will never understand how and why this country, or the world for that matter, can stand by and allow the double standard system of rules and its continuous practices, i.e., (Sedition – Treason, What’s the Difference) one set of rules are distributed, practiced, applied, and implemented for one group or color of people, while another of lesser favor or value is pursued at the behest of another; one president white – the other, Black. Can anyone rationally explain this discrepancy? What of true and just treatment for all people – throughout the world and at home?

A thought occurred to me…a remembrance of something wise and profound. There exists a secret, Enoch’s Secret. Some of the information certainly pertains to how we are living and the allowance of evil into our lives. It’s been said, “The city is the playground of the Devil.” If that’s true, then what of those living in suburbia - are they exempt from corruption?

A wise man was told by the Lord, of an uppermost dwelling place - it was the great and inconceivable immutable realm of God Almighty, of a wonderful and glorious and bright majesty; the inaccessible throne of the Lord and the various apparitions and inexpressible singing of the house of Cherubim, and boundless light. Enoch was shown the place of the righteousness and compassionate.

The wise man was also shown the terrible place and various tortures:
Two men led him up onto the Northern side, and showed him there a very terrible place, and there were all manner of tortures in that place. It was a cruel darkness and un-illuminated gloom. There is no light. Murky fire constantly flickered aloft and a fiery river coming forth. In the whole place and everywhere there is frost an ice, thirst and shivering, while the bonds are cruel, and the angels fearful and merciless. Bearing angry weapons, merciless torture, he said, “Woe, woe to thee…how very terrible is this place."

The two men said to the wise man:
Enoch, this place is prepared for those who dishonor God. It’s designed for those, who on Earth, practice sin against nature, which is child – corruption after the Sodomitic fashion, magic-making, enchantments and devilish witchcrafts, and who boast of their wicked deeds, stealing, lying, calumnies, envy, rancour, fornication, murder, and the accursed who steal the souls of men. It’s for those who seeing the poor take away their goods and themselves wax richly, injuring them for other men’s goods; for them who being able to satisfy the empty, made hungering to die; for them who have stripped the naked and knew not their creator; for them who bowed down to soulless Gods, who cannot see nor hear; for those who worship the gods of vanity who also built images and bow down to unclean handiwork.
For all these and theirs, this place is prepared for eternal inheritance.

The wise man replied:
O Lord, I seek refuge in the Lord of the people – the King of the people! The God of the people! From the evil of Satan who whispers into the ear, breast, and soul of people, from among the Jinn and the men who practice vile, cunning, evil, and unjust ways of evil-doers.
I seek the peace, blessings, and the mercy of the Lord for thyself and the dear and near, for God is the beneficent and the most merciful.
For the pastors have become brutish, and have not sought the Lord. Therefore, they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered.

Political and Evangelical leadership remain suspect as they purport to love and protect the masses of poor and needy…not the rich and greedy.

Til next time…

Posted By: Gregory Boulware
Friday, March 30th 2012 at 10:20PM



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